North East Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club ( open show June 4th 2006 )

1st Tennicks Jagsstaff , Sir Lancelot; red and white dog, lovely chiselled head on this compact puppy, stood foursquare with good front and rear angulation, level top line and good depth and width of brisket for age.

2nd Fletcher & Reynolds , Master Of Ice; Top size brindle with strong but less clean features of first, quite good conformation in regards to body properties and holding a level top line when on the move, which was done with economy of effort.

PD (6,2)
1st Hamilton, Caballero Extra Smooth; well made brindle and white puppy that looked more mature than his 11 months. Strong head with muzzle of correct length, terrific front, straight and well boned and of correct width to balance short back and good rear, excellent taper from shoulder to loin when viewed from above. Good on the move to boot.

2nd Feet & Potters ,Caballero In The Bag; standard brindle with very good head and expression, good front; well boned; very different in makeup to his litter brother (1st in class) but another typey specimen.

3rd Tennicks Jagsstaff Sir Lancelot

1st Winrows ,Jayneze Pillow Talk; Standard but athletic black brindle that looks as sharp as a pin, on his toes throughout. Typical head shape with shortish blunt muzzle, dark eye and neat rose ears, straight front with required lift to balance, viewed in profile he has very good length and angulation to upper arm offering good reach on the move, he has short back and correct depth to brisket (to point of elbow) a slight fall at his croup leading to well angulated rear, all enhancing his terrific athletic appearance. R.B.D & R.B.I.S

2nd Jacksons, Rabraka Romeo; top size black brindle clean but powerful head, correct length of muzzle and skull to balance. Straight powerful front, level topline and strong rear quarters giving required drive on the move.

3rd Bradleys ,Davies Delight


1st Fletcher & Reynolds, Master Of Ice

2nd Marshall & Deveraux, Rokers Red Thunderstorm


1st Stoop ,Hold To Ransom; terrific black brindle that would trouble the best if his handler could get to grips with him. Athletic in appearance with cracking chiselled head, straight front, well boned and tight feet, short back, level top line and good rear, this dog oozed class however all but refused to show himself.

2nd Master Of Ice

3rd Rokers Red Thunderstorm


1st Richardson, Gabbys Brief Encounter; lots to like about this brindle, very good head , clean strong muzzle and deep stop, dark eye, neat ears, good front and rear, short back, level top line and showing very good fluent movement. Could have been in with a challenge if a pound or two lighter.

2nd Freemans ,Staffmaster Line Of Fire; red and white that pushed (1) all the way. Very good conformation throughout, excelled in condition, skin was thin to touch and muscularity was rock hard. Very good moving dog both ways.

3rd Carney, Kenmilfore Oavir

LD (6)

1st Foster & Mcdonalds ,Alport Fireracker; star of the day, judged him as a young dog and I’m pleased to see he has matured into the finished article that I expected he would. Terrific head and wicked expression, shortish /strong foreface with large teeth, best of fronts with good width and ample bone, short back, wide at shoulder tapering through ribs to light loins and powerful rear quarters. His conditioning was unsurpassed today and he exuded an image of power and athleticism. B.D and B.I.S.

2nd Thomson ,Bellerophon Broishan; another cracking black brindle that I have judged before, excellent conformation with very little to fault, movement of the highest order , would have troubled the top winners if his condition was on par.

3rd Kings, Leaky The Woo



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