North East Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club ( open show June 4th 2006 )


Judge: Craig Dillon (Cragails)


1st Taylors, Ch. Baysend Nice One Cyril; Stronger brindle that has attained a well deserved title, sound construction throughout which won him this class, well boned, strong head, straight front level top line and correct rear, all is there in abundance, just preferred the more athletic type of my main winners.

2nd Stephens ,Ch. Bourtie Prospect Of Glory; another very worthy champion and shown in good order, terrific expression and strong chiselled head, good body properties, athletic in profile with short back, level top line with correct depth of brisket, and good tuck up. I just preferred the overall construction of (1) with his drive and reach on the move.

3rd Aken & Raamsden ,Staffmate Noble Ambassador


1st Winrows, Jayreze Hakva Matata; Lovley brindle bitch with strong head, short muzzle and a good dark eye. Straight front, short on back with good rear, moved as I would expect a puppy to at this stage ,with an abundance of enthusiasm.


1st Carne & Magee, Nabstaff sleeping beauty; standard typey black brindle/white puppy, good head with short muzzle, deep stop and dark eye giving good expression. Excellent front, level top line and required angulation to rear to demonstrate required drive on the move.

2nd Rutherford, Naughty Nina; A more athletic black brindle, carrying many of the virtues of (1), prefer this type and whilst the winner had a little more balance at this age, maturity should be on this girls side.

3rd Marshall & Deveraux, Jagstaff Honey Lite.


1st Robinsons, Apachestaff Boyds Delight; compact but athletic brindle/white. Correct proportions to skull/muzzle ,good front and rear, stood four square, short in back and with depth to brisket and desired tuck up enhancing her profile. Effortless on the move.

2nd Mincher & Williams, Jodels Bijou; Grizzle/red sometimes not an attractive colour however this did not detract from this girls obvious virtues. Similar to (1) in make and shape. She had the most attractive head and expression, moved really well and stood naturally four square however seemed to dislike the attentions of being stacked and spoiled her fabulous outline by continuously leaning.

3rd Burleys, Perfect Pose At Jaxtilber


1st Winrows, Jayneze Hasta La Vista; cracking black brindle still a puppy. Excellent head, blunt muzzle, good under jaw, well boned front, good feet, level back and correct rear, with conditioning as she matures she should make an impact for top honours. B.P.B & B.P.I.S

2nd Williams, Jodels Betty Boop; compact brindle and white, good head with correct proportions and wicked expression. Really short in back with correct rear. Looked a picture free standing with cracking straight front, however another that disliked the attentions of being handled, very good mover.

3rd Carne & Magee, Nabstaff Madagascar

1st Apachestaff Boyds Delight
2nd Jodels Betty Boop
3rd Geordie Lassie


1st Lowsons, Ryuran Devils Advocate Of Lorandon; striking tiger/brindle, best of heads showing correct proportions throughout and with dark eye giving really wicked expression. Bang straight front, nice weight of bone and ample width. Level top line, correct brisket in profile. Adequate rear, good mover, a little more conditioning and she may have stole the day. Excellent bitch.

2nd Winrows, Adoriginal At The Chew At Jayneze; superbly conditioned black brindle that oozed athleticism and femininity lovely head and expression, very proportionate in body properties with level top line, depth of brisket balances length of leg, good rear and correct drive/reach when on the move. Well handled.

3rd Taylors, Natona To Sir With Love


1st Winrow & Rhodes, Aboriginal Shezannlusion At Jayneze; Top class black brindle that couldn’t be matched for conditioning today ,she rippled with athleticism but still retained her very feminine features balanced throughout, with correct angulation to both front and rear ,viewed from front has ample depth and width and is well boned, in profile she has level top line, correct drop of brisket and desired tuck up. Viewed from above she has a lovely taper from shoulder through rib to light loins ,stronger hams seems to further enhance her narrow loins, moved well and was on her toes until awarded B.B and B.O.S.

2nd Richardson & Fowcott , Begin Again With Elamspa; (res pgb) very sound black brindle. Lots to like about her , feminine head with dark eye, good stop and small rose ears , good body properties and sound mover, just seemed to lack that sparkle exhibited by the winners here today.

3rd Kings, Kolatoz Paws For Thort.


1st Saunt, Alport Spitfire; top quality black brindle that has all the attributes I value in a bitch, athletic, feminine and ultra sound in all departments. Super straight front, excellent body properties, proportionate head and muzzle, neat ears, dark eye, good mouth, best mover of the day. The only down side today was her lack of her usual conditioning. Once this is addressed I believe she will attain top honours again.

2nd Winrow, Jayneze Tongue Tied; top quality black brindle that I greatly admire, feminine and athletic, fantastic head, deep dark eye, front and rear have correct angulation, level top line, good tuck up and shown in a fit condition. Just pipped by a younger bitch every bit her equal and with movement that surpassed all.

3rd Jacksons, Ch. Knockon Harem Scarem.



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