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PB (3)

1 Little’s Playful Princess Macey.

11 month old white skewbald bitch. Typical staffie expression and nice dark eye. Obviously nervous and puppy ‘plump’.

JB (7)

1 Hirst & Bibby’s Taraiel Trinity.

Beautifully proportioned black/white; slightly smaller than most but nice on the eye. Shown in fit and glossy condition.

2 Robinson’s Boydslass Barracouda,

Brindle bitch. Head of correct proportion. Short coupled, level topline and nice bend of stifle. 3 King’s Paws to Admire.


1 Boydslass Barracouda (as per Junior Bitch),

taken on movement and maturity.

2 Rumrourke’s Rubinax

(as per Puppy Bitch).

NB (1)

1 Hirst & Bibby’s Taraiel Trinity.

2 Boydslass Barracouda

(as per Junior Bitch).

3 Parker’s Marstaff My Fair Lady.


1st BB - Winrow & Rhodes Jayneze Hakuna Matata.

Stunning bitch with strong but feminine head, good ears, eye placement and mouth. Short coupled good tuck up and shown in fit condition. Good feet and pigmentation.

2 Waltham’s Dringshaw Diadlo.

Sound red bitch with a lovely body, this girl was a very close second. Lost out to 1 on muzzle.

3 Rutherford’s Naughty Nina.


1 Richardson & Fawcett’s Begin Again with Elamspa.

Brindle with good head shape, muzzle mouth and ear set. Good dark eye and keen expression. Nice length of neck, well sprung ribs and topline held on move.

2 Harrop’s Panila Fudge.

Fit black bitch with plenty of attributes, including lovely well set rose ears. Showed well to make placing a close thing on the day.

3 Taylor’s Niatona to Sire with Love.


Winrow & Rhodes Jayneze Hasta Lavista.

Very fit black bitch. Good head, mouth and eye placement. Lovely stifles and well balanced. Behaved beautifully in the ring.

2 Carne & McGee’s Nabstaff Sleeping Beauty.

Not as much substance as 1, but classic head/expression and ear set along with good mouth. Short coupled; good tail carriage.

3 Wilk & Arntzen Nor & Swe Ch. Proudstaff’s Disguise the Navigator.


Jackson’s Ch Knockon Harum Scarum,

just come up to her 8th birthday, this girl thinks she is still a puppy! Another fit veteran with boundless enthusiasm. Sound in construction, short coupled and lovely movement, showed like a professional.




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