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The picks of this show are still awaiting confirmation but will be here soon


Judge Mrs Janet Higgins 


PD (1) 1st BPIS

Finnegans Dark Devil, Black brindle

11month old with plenty going for him, Moved well with room to continue developing. Everything looked right for his age, should have some success in the future.

JD (7)1st RBIS

Waltham’s Dringshaw Valention;

My eye was drawn to this flashy skewbald lad as soon as he came in the ring. Everything he should have in the head department Top size but at eighteen months has finished growing. Moved with drive and enthusiasm, holding topline. Could maybe lose a little weight and feet could be tighter; otherwise fit, hard and well deserving of the award.

2 Armitage’s Avelocke Prince Poteen;

Black/brindle nice boy nicely fitting the standard, good overall confirmation and pushed 1st place hard but lost out on ring presence.

3 Robinson’s Boydslass Sir Ron Looking On.


1 Flynn’s The Northerner.

Black dog white front shown in lovely condition. Good ears/eye placement and dentition. Nice tight feet. Showed well on the day.

2 Carr’s Jagsstaff Red Eye Jedi;

Red and white dog with plenty of bone. Good depth of skull, correct mouth and nicely proportioned. 3 Graham’s Spinjack Stormy Sky.

ND (5)

1 Flynn’s The Northerner (as class 4).

2 Parker’s Rumrouke Rubino,

Black brindle; slightly more heavily built than 1 with lovely head and expression. Good off the front. Lost out to 1 on movement.

3 Robinson’s Boyslas Sir Ron Looking On.

PGD (6)

1 Tennick’s Jagsstaff Sir Lancelot;

well balanced red/white dog. Good head shape and expression. Good mouth, no excessive lip. Nice front and level topline.

2 Potter & Peet’s Caballero in the bag.

Black brindle with correct head, nice conformation and good feet. Well angulated at stifles, could be fitter for me.

3 Jagsstaff Red Eye Jedi.

LD (7)

1 Richardson’s Gabbys Brief Encounter.

Classy dog breadth and depth of skull, muzzle length and dentition.

2 Lorawdan’s Idahoe Red.

Very attractive dog with deep red coat, dark round eye, good conformation and so fit! Difficult to choose between 1 and 2 but winner took it on slightly longer leg length.

3 Winrow and Rhodes Jayneze Pillow Talk.

OD (7)

1st and BD/BIS Wilk & Amtzen’s or Ch. Proudstaffs Chinese Democracy.

This lovely black dog showed himself off beautifully and behaved impeccably. Superb head, well laid back shoulders, good neck length and moved like a dream.

2 Bradley’s Crashkon Master Blaster at Uptownstaff

- Not quite the substance of 1 but well balanced black dog with good head, neck length, level topline and moved well. Pushed hard for RBIS.

3 Rollin’s Jagsstaff St Elmos Fire.

VD (1)

1st Dazzling Topaz Boy at Zapreba.

This 7 year old brindle dog was full of enthusiasm and well up for it on the day! Alert but friendly expression, good head nicely balanced overall and still able to show the young ones how to do it!

MPB (4)

1 BPB Parker’s Rumrouke Rubinax,

Black with white flash the 7 month old was well proportioned for her age but has a lot of developing to do yet. Lovely feet. Showed well to take Best Puppy Bitch.

2 Scott’s Evas Little Zula.

Nice puppy with plenty going for her but didin’t have the muscle definition of 1.

PB (3)

1 Little’s Playful Princess Macey.

11 month old white skewbald bitch. Typical staffie expression and nice dark eye. Obviously nervous and puppy ‘plump’.

JB (7)

1 Hirst & Bibby’s Taraiel Trinity.

Beautifully proportioned black/white; slightly smaller than most but nice on the eye. Shown in fit and glossy condition.

2 Robinson’s Boydslass Barracouda,

Brindle bitch. Head of correct proportion. Short coupled, level topline and nice bend of stifle. 3 King’s Paws to Admire.


1 Boydslass Barracouda (as per Junior Bitch),

taken on movement and maturity.

2 Rumrourke’s Rubinax

(as per Puppy Bitch).

NB (1)

1 Hirst & Bibby’s Taraiel Trinity.

2 Boydslass Barracouda

(as per Junior Bitch).

3 Parker’s Marstaff My Fair Lady.





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